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                為牽制Uber,滴滴快的投資其美國對△手Lyft,意在趁 Uber 在中國擴張之時,直搗 Uber 的大本營。Uber本來在中國的仗就不好打,而回頭發現這財大①氣粗的對手又投資了老家的對頭。


                underscores 強調

                undisclosed 未泄露的

                turf 地盤

                merger 合並

                incur 招致

                Uber's Chinese rival invests in Lyft(345words)

                By Leslie Hook in San Francisco

                China's biggest ride-hailing company,Didi Kuaidi,has invested in Uber's chief US rival Lyft,as it expands its global network of investments in companies that compete with Uber.

                Didi's investment in Lyft underscores the fierce competition between Didi and Uber as they battle to control the ride-hailing market in China,and beyond. In August Didi invested in another Uber rival,Malaysia-based GrabTaxi,which operates in Southeast Asia.

                Didi Kuaidi invested an undisclosed amount in Lyft during a May fundraising round,according to people familiar with the matter.

                Global competition for ride-hailing has increasingly become about winning the right investors,not just winning drivers and customers. This is particularly true in China,where Uber is backed by Chinese search engine Baidu,while Didi Kuaidi has investments from Alibaba and Tencent.

                Lyft currently operates only in the US,and is Uber's main competitor in the US domestic market. Other Lyft investors include Rakuten,the Japanese online retailer,as well as Carl Icahn,the activist investor. A fundraising round in March valued Lyft at $2.5bn.

                The investment from Didi Kuaidi underscores how its battle with Uber is playing out not only on its home turf in China,but around the world. Didi Kuaidi controls a majority of the Chinese market,following a merger between Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache in February.

                Uber has been investing heavily in China and Chief Executive Travis Kalanick has been touring there this month in a bid to win favour in a market that is traditionally difficult for foreign companies to crack.

                Uber closed a $1.2bn fundraising round earlier this month for its Chinese unit,while Didi closed a $3bn fundraising round earlier this year. This has left the companies flush with cash,despite heavy losses that they incur by providing incentives and discounts to drivers and riders. Didi Kuaidi's losses were three times its revenues during the first five months of this year,according to a document seen by the Financial Times.

                Didi's investment in Lyft was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

                Additional reporting by Henny Sender and Charles Clover.

                1.Which country is GrabTaxi based?





                [1] 答案

                2.Who will not help ride-hailing apps to win the competition?

                A.right investors

                B.strong competitors



                [2] 答案

                3.Who is the activist investor for Lyft?

                A.Carl Icahn

                B.Didi Kuaidi



                [3] 答案

                4.How many times is the loss compared with the revenue for Didi Kuaidi during the first five months of 2015?


                B.one third

                C.3 times

                D.about the same

                [4] 答案


                解釋:8月滴滴投◆資了東南亞市場的打車軟件GrabTaxi,一方面滴滴想要借此擴大在東南亞市場∴的存在感,一方面滴滴想要借此▅牽制 Uber 的東南亞的擴張▓步伐。

                [2]答案:B.strong competitors




                [4]答案:C.3 times

                解釋:今年頭5個月滴滴快的損失是其收入∑ 的三倍。

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